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Rebate Programs Offered by the City of Statesville Electric Utilities



City of Statesville Electric residential customers are eligible for up to a $400 rebate, when a high efficiency heat pump is installed. The new unit must have a minimum efficiency rating of 15 SEER to qualify for this rebate program.  A rebate request form is required, as well as an AHRI certificate.

Rebate amounts are as follows:

15-16.9 SEER  $ 300.00  $ 400.00
17+ SEER  $ 400.00  $ 400.00
Geothermal Heating  $ 500.00  $ 500.00
Hot Water Heater  $ 150.00  $ 150.00

City of Statesville Electric residential customers are also eligible for a $150 rebate, when a new electric water heater is installed. The unit must be an tanked water heater that holds a minimum of thirty (30) gallons. Tankless water heaters are not applicable.

If you are seeking a rebate for a new heat pump or water heater, click on the link below for our rebate form:

Rebate Request Form

Our Commercial and Industrial customers can apply for a LED Lighting Rebate offered through ElectriCities. For more information on rebates, contact Jared Wiles at 704.761.2371 or email

2021 Lighting Rebate Application
2021 Lighting Rebate Worksheet