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Administration and Accounting

Oversees and coordinates entire finance function (see list below) and retains ultimate responsibility for keeping the accounts of the City in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, disbursing all funds in strict compliance with the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act, and efficiently procuring goods and services to support city activities; prepares statements of financial condition; supervises the receipt, deposit, and investment of City funds; and maintains records concerning bonded debt and other obligations of the City. Click here to visit the Administrative page.


Keeps abreast of current prices and general market trends; purchases supplies, materials, equipment and services for the City through competitive bidding in accordance with NC General Statutes and local policy; works with other departments and vendors in drafting bid specifications for major commodities; supervises the central warehouse; makes sure surplus property is disposed of by GovDeals Internet Auction, annual auction, sealed bids or private sales and negotiations. Click here to visit the Purchasing page.

Utility and Revenue Collections

Establishes and maintains all customer utility (electric, water and sewer) accounts for the City of Statesville; accepts payment (cash, check, money order, debit or credit card) for utility payments, privilege licenses, parking tickets and all miscellaneous revenue for the City of Statesville. Click here to visit the Utility & Revenue Collection page.

Finance Department Team

Finance Director: Christopher Tucker, 704-878-3592,
Assistant Finance Director: Brian Roberts, 704-878-3593,
Collections Revenue Manager: Michelle Holman, 704-878-3568,
Purchasing Agent: Eva Mendez, 704-878-3416,