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Changes in Utility Bill Payments
Posted on 04/02/2020
Utility Bill Payment Info

Earlier this week, N. C. Governor Roy Cooper issued an order to help reduce the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the state’s citizens. For Statesville, the Governor’s order helped clarify some of the procedures already in place for its residential utility customers.

These are the guidelines in effect for the next 60 days for residential Statesville water, sewer and electric customers:
• The $2.75 convenience fee charged by credit card companies is being credited back to the customer’s account.
• The City is not disconnecting a customer’s water, sewer or electric service for nonpayment.
• Late fees and interest for nonpayment are being waived.

These measures will help ensure residents can remain in their homes and slow the spread of the coronavirus. However, all customers are still responsible for paying their utility bills.

Statesville will offer extended repayment plans that allow residential customers at least six months to pay unpaid bills without owing interest charges. This six-month period will apply to outstanding bill payments accumulated during the effective period of the Executive order plus 120 days.

The Statesville Customer Service Office (301 S. Center St.) has been closed to the public for several weeks and is not accepting payments in person. To help customers stay at home to pay, the City is encouraging customers to use these options:

• Pay online ( or by phone (704-878-3564) using a credit card. (The $2.75 convenience fee charged by the credit card company is being credited back to the customer’s account.)
• Mail the payment with the bill stub and account number written on the check to PO Box 1111, Statesville, NC, 28687.
• Place the payment in the drop box (open 24/7) located at the front of the office building, 301 S. Center St.
• Use the drive through station on the side of the office building, M-F, 8-5.

Customers may also want to consider setting up a bank-draft payment or use their bank's bill payment service.

If you have questions about these changes, contact the Customer Services Office at 704-878-3564 or