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smart meterAutomated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) is on its way!

The City of Statesville has a goal of upgrading our water and electric meters by December 2021.  These new meters have many benefits for our customers.
For Our Electric Customers:
1. Meters automatically inform the City if your power is out and when your power is restored.
2. City can (for most meters) remotely turn on or off power.
3. Meters report to the City if there is an excessive heat issue in your meter base. If it is severe, meters can temporarily shut off power.
4. Meters are automatically read daily.

Water/Sewer Customer Benefits:
1. Meters will inform the City if you have a high likelihood of a leak.
2. Meters are automatically read daily.

What You Need to Know About AMI Installation


Updated Information - Installation is Underway - April 26, 2021